French-English Translation - Traduction Anglais-Français

traduction anglais francais 3Translation prices are based on the number of source words (i.e. words in the text to be translated) and vary depending on several factors. Each document being unique, a customised quote will be provided according to the number of source words, the complexity and type of text (general, technical or specialised), its format (Word, PDF, printed material, website*) and the urgency of the request.

Basic rates are provided below for informational purposes and are applicable, for example, to the non-urgent translation of a Word document containing text of a general nature.

French to English translation: €0.10/source word

English to French translation: €0.10/source word

Editing (bilingual): €0.05/source word

Proofreading (monolingual): €0.03/word

In some cases, particularly for the translation of marketing material, menus, website buttons and meta elements, basing quotes on word count is not appropriate therefore an hourly rate may 
be applied.

A minimum fee of 20 is charged for short translations (less than 200 words).

Bilingual editing

Bilingual editing includes proofreading and correction of professional translations by comparing source and target documents. If the target document is not up to standard and requires a retranslation, this will be explained in the quote.


Proofreading services are offered for original documents written in English and French. If the original needs linguistic corrections beyond simple proofreading this will be detailed in the quote. Depending on the length and nature of the text I  may refer you to LBS Correction, with whom I work on certain French documents .